How To Replace A Garbage Disposal

31 Jul

You would expect your garbage disposal unit to break down with time.  It is not a hard task getting to put a new garbage system.  This is because you can easily follow the manual of assembling and reassembling the gadget.  This article highlights the tips that will help replace your garbage disposal unit.

Getting to cut off the power been fed on the garbage unit should the first step to take.  Just go to the house main switch box in order to locate the right switch.  You will now get to work comfortably without the fear of getting electrocuted.

Secondly, locate where the disposal unit is located.  You should begin by looking for it behind the doors found below your sink. You will be able to see a large cylindrical object located that below the drain.  This is the garbage disposal unit.  Ensure that you note the exact garbage disposal unit model number. This will help you buy the exact garbage disposal unit for easy replacement.

Go on by removing the discharge tube.  The exact pipe is the one running from the disposal side down to the ground plumbing. Start by first loosening all nuts at the joints. This will help you easily pull out the tube.

Releasing the old disposal follows next. You will get to see a metal ring that has 3 protruding arms.  Use both hands to disassemble the ring from the system.  Ensure that you place it where it will not spread its content.

The next step should be removed from the mountain ring.  Start by getting rid of the rubber found at the base of the ring. This will make the mountain ring easily slide off. After that loosen the nut joining the rest of the assembly and get to also remove the sink flange. This will make you get to remove the entire system.  

Now bring the new system that you want to install.  The first step is ensuring that the sink flange is in the right position.  Connecting the new mounting set should follow. For more info view this product.

This should be followed by joining the metallic ring with the disposal unit.  This should be followed by connecting the wires again.  Make sure that the discharge pipe fits to its designated place. Click here for better understanding:

Once you are done with all this, you can start by pouring water in the sink to see whether there are any leakages.  Switching on the power should follow after the confirmation. Your new system is now ready to use.

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